Red Bamboo Flat Diaper
Red Bamboo Flat Diaper
Red Bamboo Flat Diaper

Red Bamboo Flat Diaper

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In the very popular ROYGBIV colors, our "Red" is a beautiful combination of black and vibrant crimson and scarlet reds, featured on a bamboo stretch French-terry, a great option for every day absorbency needs with a trim fit.
Flat diapers are some of the most customizable and versatile diapers on the market. Depending on the different fits and fold you can get anywhere between six and twelve layers of absorbency.
This diaper is not waterproof and will need a separate cover to make it so.
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70% Bamboo Viscose,
25% Organic Cotton,
and 5% Spandex. 
Aprox. 28" x 28".
All diapers are hand-cut and size variations are possible.