Pastel Red Booster
Pastel Red Booster
Pastel Red Booster
Pastel Red Booster
Pastel Red Booster

Pastel Red Booster

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ROYGBIV: Pastel Red
Pastel red featured on a bamboo stretch French-terry, a great option to boost the absorbency of your stretchy/fixed flats, your AIOs or AI2s, a great insert for pocket diapers, or if your in a pinch, they make great burp rags!

We currently have four options for our boosters:
Standard with or without micro-chamois
and, snake with or without micro-chamois

All boosters are double layered absorbency, micro-chamois options are an additional layer on the top.

What is micro-chamois?
A material that offers wetness wicking/stay dry option of extra sensitive babies or overnight diapers. But unlike similar micro-fibers, it is 100% safe for skin contact, is wonderfully soft, and easy to clean!

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70% Bamboo Viscose,
30% Organic Cotton,

Standard Boosters: Aprox. 14" x 4",
Snake Boosters: Aprox. 28" x 4",
All boosters are hand-cut and size variations are possible.